Best iver Doctor in Dhaka, BangladeshProf. Dr. Mahbub H Khan

Doctor Experience


1Internee and Assistant SurgeonBarisal Medical CollegeFull Time Residential15 months
2Assistant SurgeonRural hospitalFull Time3 months
3Senior House officer(Assistant Registrar)
& Senior Research Fellow
epartment of Medicine and Gastroenterology.
Former PG Hospital (BSMMU) Dhaka. National Council
On Science and Technology Of Bangladesh.
Full Time Residential
**Completed prerequisite clinical training for FCPS exam
3 months
4Medical Officer (Medicine)Dhaka National HospitalFull Time1 year
5Postgraduate Trainee(Gastroenterology)Lainz Hospital, ViennaFull Time15 months
6Senior Medical ResidentDepartment of Medicine and ICU. Buraydah Central
Hospital, Al-Gassim. Saudi Arabia
7 years
7Private Practitioner(Gastro and Hepato)Dhaka City1 year
8Fellow in Gastroenterology Fellow in
Gold Coast Hospital,Queensland,
Australia St. Vincent Hospital,Sydney,
Australia Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia
Liver Transplant Unit, Royal Prince
Alfred Hospital, Sydney
Full Time6 months
9Hon. GastroenterologistBIRDEM Hospital, Dhaka.Full Time6 months
10PhD Student & Clinical Research FellowStorr Liver Unit, Sydney University Hospital
at Westmead, Sydney
Full Time4 years
11Clinical Fellow (Hepato & Gastro)University of Newcastle at
John Hunter Hospital
Full Time1 year
12Assistant Professor & Head of GastroenterologyMedical College for Women & Hospital, UttaraFull TimeApprox. 9 years
13Professor (full) & Head of GastroenterologySahabuddin Medical College, Gulshan, DhakaFull Time01 year
14Professor (cc) & Head Department of Gastrointestinal,
Hepatic and Pancreatic Diseases
Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences (BIHS)-
(An Institute of Diabetic Association of Bangladesh).
Darus Salam, Mirpur, Dhaka
Full TimeSince 1/02/10 (>4 years)


Total length of service and experience after MBBS : 37 years
Total length of training in Medicine : 18 years
Total length of training and practice in Gastroenterology and Hepatology: 25 years
** Total length of training and practice in Hepatology and Gastroenterology after submission of Ph.D. thesis : 14 years


1.Upper GI endoscopy
2.Endoscopic band ligation of varices
3.Sclerotherapy of varices
4.Injection therapy of bleeding ulcer
5. Full colonoscopy
6. Colonic polypectomy